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A Shaklee exclusive, NutriFeron is: a patented and clinically proven supplement to strengthen your immune system.
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Welcome to our Shaklee website!


Thanks so much for visiting. We would like your experience here to be easy to navigate the website, easy to find the information you need, and we're here for support if you have any questions.


You can order directly from this site anytime (instructions are below).  And if you have any questions or want to discuss Shaklee products before placing an order, click the orange Contact Me button in the top right hand corner of this page (or call 814-931-8041) to get in touch with us personally.  


If you would prefer to order by phone, you can call 800-SHAKLEE (800 -742 -5533) anytime between 8 AM EST and 8 PM EST. Give the customer service rep the ID # of the person that invited you to Shaklee (see #'s below) and the product numbers that you want to order. If you don't have the product numbers, Shaklee will help you locate them.


Vicki & John Zerbee  ID# JA71616


Jan Carrieri  ID# BZ90925


We really love sharing Shaklee products with people because we know that these products change lives! People get results and that's what makes a difference. 

Everyone with a Shaklee business has a story to tell, as do all the loyal product users. Some come hoping to improve their health and stay to improve their lives. The way to get started is to try some products (remember to call us or email us with any questions - there's even a Contact Me orange box in the top right corner of this page).


If you are thinking about switching to Shaklee products but cannot find the Shaklee product equivalent tell us the products you use today and we'll show you alternatives with the Shaklee Difference.


Have You Taken the Vitamin D Quiz?

Vitamin D Quiz






1. Click on the "SHOP" tab above.

2. Once you've found the Shaklee product you're looking for, just click on the Product Name, review the product info on that individual product page, and add it to your shopping cart when you are ready to purchase. You can continue shopping by clicking the back button, or hitting the SHOP tab again.

3. When you're ready to check out just click on 'View Cart' at the top and you will see your shopping cart with prompts to help you finish your order.  You will be asked if you would like to become a Shaklee member - it's like a Sam's Club or Costco membership where you save money on products, except that it is half the price and you only pay once, not annually.  There is never a minimum to buy or anything like that - only benefits!

Free Membership with Vitalizer

The primary benefit of membership is that you pay a one-time fee of $19.95 and then you get to order products at 15% off every time you order in the future.  Currently, the only way to get a Free Membership is to order Vitalizer.  Any Vitalizer purchase qualifies you for a Free Membership and you will be notified of that during the order process (either online or by phone).  Also, there is an additional 10% savings on certain products if you add them to an AutoShip* (it is well marked on the product pages that they qualify for the extra 10% off).

*A note about AutoShip - anytime you are ordering something that you can save the extra 10%, go ahead and add it to an AutoShip.  You can cancel it the day after it ships, long before it would ship again (30 days).  And if you would forget, no worries because Shaklee emails you a week before the next AutoShip goes out to see if you would like to have it sent, change it, or delete it altogether.  Shaklee makes AutoShip so easy - you are never obligated order.  We just want you to get the maximum savings. 

4. You'll be directed to enter your name, address and payment method to complete the process. An order confirmation invoice will be emailed to you after placing your order. Most orders arrive at your door via UPS within five business days.  If you become a Shaklee member, you will receive an ID# to use on future orders.

5. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SHAKLEE PRODUCTS AND NATURAL HEALTH:  Click on the 'About Me' TAB at the top of this page and go through the green boxes on the left.

When you become a Shaklee member you will get instructions about how to log in to your Shaklee member center where there are even more resources.  Plus, we always have the opportunity to contact Shaklee's Science Department at any time to ask specific questions.  The 70+ doctors and scientists on staff are more than willing to help!


Any questions, comments, or concerns?  Contact us through the orange button at the top of this page.