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The Shaklee Business Opportunity

     ...partnering with a 62 year old Start-Up!  Perfect Example of the American Dream.

Are you evaluating a home business opportunity to start as a new career?  Or looking for a way to supplement your present income?

Finding a company with integrity and a proven success record was important to us when we started our business.  And being able to make a positive impact through our work was an essential part of our decision.

What is most exciting to us is to be able to combine helping people solve problems or meet their individual needs with our products that are guaranteed to change lives - and combine it with earning income.

We chose a company that had the products we were personally using for 17 years. If they were working so well to help us stay healthy, live more chemical free, look and feel younger than our age, and be building long term good health - doesn't it make sense that other people would want to know about them too so that they can get the same results?

We realize that everybody has unique circumstances and personal goals.  We can offer you a plan to reach your goals - whether you want part-time income, a second income or full-time income.


Gold Ambassador


Until very recently starting a home business or a social marketing business was a slow process. The cost to get started has always been very affordable - when you compare it to starting a brick and mortar business - but you wouldn't have been given a plan for specific earnings along a designated time frame. 

Building a home business has changed and is a lot easier and quicker to start earning income. There's a plan for whatever your income goal happens to be.

You can even build your entire business from your phone if you want. Or with no phone if prefer. We can help you whatever your desire.


Today there are more people looking for a second income - or primary work – than ever before.  As you evaluate opportunities to create another source of income for yourself and/or your family, think about how a business of your own can help you reach your goals

Starting a business as a Shaklee Independent Distributor, you will be representing 4 Quadrants:

  1. We are in the health care industry.  However there are two parts to this industry – the curing part and the prevention part.  The future of this industry has to be that we move toward prevention because it will make people healthier.  We are in the Prevention side.
  2. The next quadrant is our heritage – we have a 90 year history of being a leader in scientific research and development, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America – 90 years and yet the country is only now starting to believe in prevention.
  3. In 1956 when our company was founded, we pioneered the business model of network marketing, or social marketing, and we have stood the test of time in an industry where the majority of companies fail.  (It's not the industry that fails, it's the individual companies that don't have 'good enough' products that support the business.)
  4. For some of us, the most exciting quadrant is the compensation plan - and this one is the absolute best in the industry.  The FastTRACK program is in place for those who want a full time career opportunity, or choose to earn a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars every month.

These four quadrants work together and are in the right market, at the right time, and with the best products and compensation plan in the industry.  


Why Shaklee?  


Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America and has the best compensation plan in the industry:

  • Products from the Shaklee brand are distributed through a social marketing business platform - where you own your own business - eliminating middle men, physical stores, and other overhead.
  • This gives individual people like you and I, who want to refer products and offer that same opportunity to others so they can earn income, an exciting opportunity to earn a specified amount of money such as $100K in the next 15 months!  
  • Shaklee earnings are residual income - so the work you do today keeps paying you in the future.
  • It's like starting to build your retirement income now (will keep paying you thru retirement!).
  • You start earning money each month and that money will continue to come in month after month because we have consumable products that loyal customers love - and that they re-order every month.
  • You also bring in other partners who find new customers and start earning their own income, plus give you an additional source of income because you get paid for bringing that partner to the team.
  • Your customers, along with your partner's customers, keep growing and so does your monthly income.
  • You can even leave this business to the next generation so they can benefit from what you have built!


shaklee healthy nutrition business 


The best way to start a Shaklee business is to become a Qualified Distributor and when you click this link:  Qualified Distributorhere is what you will find:


1)  A page that details everything in your Distributor Welcome Kit and a tab 'Join Now' that  will take you to a page where you choose English or Spanish.

2)  Choose your language and click the button that says 'Start With Distributor Welcome Kit'. Click that button to proceed.

The business kit includes everything you need to start your own Shaklee business, including 3 months of your store website ($14.95 value per month and your only other montly cost to own your own business after that first 3 months).

3)  Your welcome kit will be added to your shopping cart and you will land on a page that offers 6 different Success Packs.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PURCHASE A SUCCESS PACK.

Note:  You can start a Shaklee business for only $49.95 by purchasing the Welcome Kit only. However, it is a lot better to choose one or more of the Success Packs, with products that you want to build your business representing. If you do, you will be able to experience the products for yourself and be able to talk about all their benefits and what you like most about them. Plus if you choose products that you purchase anyway, you are simply 'changing brands' and buying from your own store. You want to do this going forward with all products that you already use that Shaklee makes the same type product.

4)  Choose one or more Success Packs and click 'Continue'.

5)  You will land on the page with your Shopping Cart and you can take care of the payment.

6)  You will get an ID number that you will use to set up your Shaklee account online. Inside your account is all kinds of product AND business information. There is training for you to learn about the company and the products and building a business. There are flyers and images and all kinds of information to share with people who are interested in health and wellness, and feeling and looking younger. Shaklee is about better health NOW and building long term health for the future.

This is all that is required to start a Shaklee business. You can call us for support, or you can call Shaklee directly. You will get an email directly from Shaklee with the information you need to get started.


We invite you to check out your options on that page, and also to CALL US to discuss. We can talk about your specific goals and help you every step of the way.


Benefits of Qualified Distributors:

  1. You will receive products to try so that you can experience them yourself.
  2. You will be eligible for all forms of compensation, including travel incentives.
  3. If you are truly serious about starting a business, you must use the products you represent and choosing a package gives you an opportunity to experience them right away.
  4. You will get your Shaklee store website FREE for 3 months.




"I wanted a company that would improve the lives of everyone it touched."  ~Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee