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The Shaklee Business Opportunity

     ...partnering with a 56 year old Start-Up!  Perfect Example of the American Dream.

Are you evaluating a home business opportunity to start as a new career?  Or looking for a way to supplement your present income?

Finding a company with integrity and a proven success record was important to me when I started my business.  And being able to make a positive impact through my work was an essential part of my decision.

What is most exciting to me is to be able to combine helping people solve problems or meet their individual needs with our products that are guaranteed to change lives - and combine it with making a living.

We realize that everybody has unique circumstances and personal goals.  We can offer you a plan to reach your goals - whether you want part-time income, a second income or full-time income.

Gold Ambassador


Until very recently starting a home business or a social marketing business was a slow process.  The cost to get started has always been very affordable - when you compare it to starting a brick and mortar business - but you wouldn't have been given a plan for specific earnings along a designated time frame.

That has all changed with the introduction of FastTRACK.. now if you do want to earn significant income, there's a plan.  If your goal is an extra few hundred or thousand dollars a month, there's a plan for that as well.

Listen to a message from our Chairman & CEO, Roger Barnett – to find out why you would want to partner with Shaklee:


Today there are more people looking for a second income - or primary work – than ever before.  As you evaluate opportunities to create another source of income for yourself and/or your family, think about how a business of your own can help you reach your goals.

Starting a business as a Shaklee Independent Distributor, you will be representing 4 Quadrants:

  1. We are in the health care industry.  However there are two parts to this industry – the curing part and the prevention part.  The future of this industry has to be that we move toward prevention because it will make people healthier.  We are in the Prevention side.
  2. The next quadrant is our heritage – we have a 90 year history of being a leader in scientific research and development, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America – 90 years and yet the country is only now starting to believe in prevention.
  3. In 1956 when our company was founded, we pioneered the business model of network marketing, or social marketing, and we have stood the test of time in an industry where the majority of companies fail.  (It's not the industry that fails, it's the individual companies that don't have 'good enough' products that support the business.)
  4. For some of us, the most exciting quadrant is the compensation plan - and this one is the absolute best in the industry.  The FastTRACK program is in place for those who want a full time career opportunity, or choose to earn a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars every month.

These four quadrants work together and are in the right market, at the right time, and with the best products and compensation plan in the industry. 

After 56 years of being a leading brand in the health and wellness market, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America – we can now offer a simplified plan for making income and the opportunity to earn income right away.  When you BUY a business, it could be years before you are making money.  We know you need money NOW!  



Why Shaklee?  


Besides the fact that Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in America and has the best compensation plan in the industry:

  • Products from the Shaklee brand are distributed through a social marketing business platform - where you own your own business - eliminating middle men, physical stores, and other overhead.
  • This gives individual people like you and I, who want to refer products and offer that same opportunity to others so they can earn income, an exciting opportunity to earn a specified amount of money such as $100K in the next 15 months!  
  • Shaklee earnings are residual income - so the work you do today keeps paying you in the future.
  • It's like starting to build your retirement income right now (because it will keep paying you thru retirement!).
  • You start earning money each month and that money will continue to come in month after month because we have consumable products that loyal customers love - and that they re-order every month.
  • You also bring in other partners who find new customers and start earning their own income, plus give you an additional source of income because you get paid for bringing that partner to the team.
  • Your customers, along with your partner's customers, keep growing and so does your monthly income.
  • You can even leave this business to the next generation so they can benefit from what you have built!



Right now you are on our distributor store website.  This is a customizable page where you, as an  Independent Distributor, can write your own message.  You can make a series of these pages if you want.  And then the rest of the site is where people can order products and where Shaklee features all kind of product and health information.

Here’s another video to learn more about starting your own business:


The best way to start a Shaklee business is to be sponsored as a -

GOLD Ambassador with a GOLD PAK 

and here's why:

  1. You will receive products to try so that you can experience them yourself.
  2. You will be eligible for all forms of compensation, including GOLD bonuses and FastTRACK money, that can help you pay back your investment.
  3. If you are truly serious about starting a business, you must use the products you represent and this package gives you an assortment of the product lines so that you can experience them right away.
  4. It has a retail value of over $500 and you will get your Shaklee store website FREE for 3 months.


Here's the direct link to start your business, or contact us directly to discuss (orange box in the top right corner of this page).  GO HERE NOW AND ORDER YOUR BUSINESS!



*Order GOLD or SUPER GOLD for FastTRACK qualification.  Can start a Shaklee business for as little as $39.95!


"I wanted a company that would improve the lives of everyone it touched."  ~Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee