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A Shaklee exclusive, NutriFeron is: a patented and clinically proven supplement to strengthen your immune system.
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Natural Interferon and Your Immune System


natural interferon for allergies


What is interferon? It's a natural substance produced by your body, activated when your cells are attacked by a virus. Interferon has two jobs: it signals neighboring cells to trigger their resistance, and it activates other immune cells to fight the invaders. It can help protect your body daily from exposure to all kinds of germs that can make you very sick.


Your immune system protects your body against all kinds of invaders, such as germs, bacteria, infections, and viruses that can lead to minor or very serious illnesses. How your immune system works, through a series of responses once your body is threatened, is both complex and impressive.


An important question you need to ask yourself is: How will your immune system respond when your body needs it to step up and keep you healthy instead of letting you get sick? First, consider the fact that it is our cells that get sick - so it is our cells that we need to keep healthy.


When your body is threatened - or exposed to germs, bacteria or something that can make you sick - a natural protein substance called interferon is produced by your cells. It is released into your bloodstream to help healthy cells make an enzyme that will fight the infection.


Your body actually makes three different types of interferon: alpha, beta and gamma. Each will be more effective at fighting a certain type of invader. The alpha interferon can help you if you have hepatitis C which can lead to liver cancer or cirrhosis. It is also beneficial for genital warts and rare cancers of the blood.


Beta interferon has been helpful in treaing multiple sclerosis, and gamma for blood disorders. Currently interferon is available by prescription and has many side effects that can prohibit you from being able to use it. What if there was a natural supplement that can increase your body's production of all three types of interferon?


natural interferon discoverer dr yasuhiko kojima


The same research scientist, Dr. Yasuhiko Kojima, who discovered interferon has also created a natural nutrition supplement that produces natural interferon. He used his 40 years of research to make this natural alternative that has no side effects and can target prevention, especially if you are more at risk for illness and diseases.



Improving Your Immune System With Natural Interferon:



Nutriferon is only available through the Shaklee Corporation since they teamed up with Dr. Kojima to manufacture the all-natural, herbal interferon supplement. Dr. Kojima isolated four unique and powerful herbs to formulate Nutriferon. They work together to increase your body's production of natural interferon so that you can optimize your immune response without overstimulating.


You can use Nutriferon to help prevent environmental pollutants from making you sick. It can help your cells identify something in your body that is threatening to make you sick and initiate a plan of action to fight it off.


There is no other product like Nutriferon available in the world. You may find immune system boosters, but not a supplement that will increase all three forms of natural interferon in your body.


One of the best things that you can do in terms of preventive health for your body is to strengthen your immune system so it is strong enough to keep you healthy. Two tablets of Nutriferon daily helps your immune system better respond to threats.


Nutriferon is available in a single size bottle, a four-pack that saves you some extra money, or in a 12-count package.


To order Nutriferon, in either of the 3 sizes, visit this page:  Buy Nutriferon