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A Shaklee exclusive, NutriFeron is: a patented and clinically proven supplement to strengthen your immune system.
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Let's Do Some Holiday Shopping - and get Free Shipping*!

shaklee holiday gift giving

Give the Gift of Health this year!



Gift Ideas:  (Note:  all items can be purchased separately or combined into gift packages you choose. All products from this website qualify for Free Shipping when the total order is $200.00 or more.*  

There are all kinds of ideas for putting together a Shaklee products gift.  How about a Healthy Immune System Pack, or a Healthy Snack Bar/Meal Bar combination?  Wouldn't mom love an anti-aging facial skin care treatment packed with nutrition for her skin that she will feel the minute she puts it on!  You are encouraged to get creative with your healthy gift packages!)


1)  Pamper Me Gift Set:  All-Natural Hand & Body Lotion, Shower Gel & Super Sponge

shaklee pamper me gift set

Order these 3 items for a total Member Price of $35.90. (Also can purchase at Retail Price and be eligible for Free Shipping with a $200.00 order.)  SIX of these sets qualifies you for Free Shipping.

Enfuselle Hand & Body Lotion  -  $18.10

Enfuselle Moisturizing Shower Gel  -  $15.25

Enfuselle Shower Sponge  -  $2.55


2)  Stress Relief Package

Shaklee Stress Relief Holiday Gift

Order these 2 items for a total Member Price of $57.70. (Also can purchase at Retail Price and be eligible for Free Shipping with a $200.00 order.)  FOUR of these sets qualifies you for Free Shipping - or buy 1 or 2 and some Shaklee nutrition or skin care products for yourself!

Stress Relief Complex -  $27.50 relieve stress naturally in 20-30 minutes (no side effects)

Enfuselle Spa Shea Butter Cream - $30.20


3)  Rx for a Healthier Life

Shaklee Rx for a Healthier Life

Who do you know that can benefit from this ultimate natural nutrition gift?  Includes:  

Vitalizer Daily Nutrition Strips - choose Women (with iron), Men (without iron) or Gold (age 50 and over, also with or without Vitamin K). 80+ nutrients in 30 daily strips for a one month's supply. With 4 different ingredient delivery systems for better absorption and high quality ingredients, you won't find a better all-natural nutrition program anywhere.

Vivix - a month's supply of anti-aging resveratrol (take one teaspoon per day).

Cinch Shakes - we call it your best breakfast in the world because it balances your blood sugar in the best way possible to start your day, takes you all the way till lunch or beyond without feeling hungry or experiencing a carb crash, and is packed with protein and nutrition - plus tastes GREAT (especially when mixed in your blender with ice for a smoothie effect!)

Nutriferon - probably THE BEST immune system product you will find. It boosts the natural interferon in your body to help prepare your immune system for many different challenges with NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Total Member Price for all 4 products is $244.05.  One purchase qualifies for Free Shipping.

Order here:  Rx for a Healthier Life  or  Rx for a Healthier Life KOSHER


4)  Get Clean Green Home Cleaning Kits

Shaklee Get Clean Green Cleaning Kits


Order any of the Get Clean Kits on this page:  Get Clean Makes a GREAT GIFT


5)  Get Clean Advanced Drinking Water Filtration

Get Clean Drinking Water Filtration

Revolutionary water filter pitcher for cleaner healthier water. Shaklee Member Price is $57.50 and includes the pitcher, housing unit and one filter.  Only the filter needs replaced about every 3 months and also come in 3 packs.  See more information and videos on the sales page:

Get Clean Drinking Water Pitcher and Filter


6)  Additional Nutrition Packs:


Lots more Nutrition Packages are available that can be added together to qualify for your $200 or more order that qualifies for Free Shipping. Or put your own packages together from any Shaklee products you find by clicking around this site.

*Simply add items to your shopping cart and when they total $200.00 or more, you will be given Free Shipping (expires December 14, 2012).

See more nutrition packages here:  Shaklee Nutrition Packs


Call Vicki Zerbee at 814-931-8041 anytime to help with gift ideas, product orders or to answer any questions you may have.